Constant movement towards Kindness

Teaching Karma Flow Yoga mixes everything I’m passionate about: sweating, moving, taking risks and being kind to ourselves and each other.

I love to sweat. Moving, twisting, jumping and making my heart pump makes my day complete. I could easily lose myself at the gym but I also know first-hand how yoga can pull you up from the most desperate of situations and save you when you really thought everything was lost. I know how it feels to take a risk and have it not pay off so well. I’ve also learned not to be so hard on myself when things don’t go as planned and appreciate what we’ve been handed instead. And all of this I’ve learned through my yoga practice. For me, this kind of internal work is the deep benefits of movement that many people never get to experience.

I dedicate my Yoga practice and teaching to this: moving to make you sweat AND appreciate, inspiring you to be kind and give back. Gratitude that you can move; understanding for what you can’t move and embracing everything (even the $#&t) that lives brings you.

Through all the ups and downs, we find kindness towards ourselves and also towards others.