Gate Pose

Gate pose (or Parighasana) gives you the chance to focus on some much needed stretching to the sides of the body, something that provides so much relief to women during pregnancy. As your baby grows, you might be feeling overwhelmed by how much space baby is taking up inside you. Give yourself a moment to… Continue reading Gate Pose

Free Yoga Podcast- Halfmoon Morning Sequence

This morning during my practice I looked up and saw a faint half moon in the sky. I took it as a sign to practice my favourite pose - half moon (Ardha Chandrasana). I love half moon for so many reasons. It's challenging but not inaccessible, it combines balance and strength and mostly, you can… Continue reading Free Yoga Podcast- Halfmoon Morning Sequence

About Me

I'm Kathy, a 200hrs Yoga Alliance (Canada) Yoga instructor with a background in law, education and business. I've been practicing and benefiting from yoga since the age of 7 when I found my parent's yoga book and began exploring techniques and postures on my own (weird, eh?). I signed up for my first Yoga class under an inspirational teacher in my hometown of… Continue reading About Me